Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Love You My Kiddos

This is Aryaman, my eldest nephew and the most calm amongst the bunch of kiddos at my house!!!

Aryaman at his best ....wanted to fit in more photographs but now i think could have split it and done it in a better way by planning layouts etc...hehehe ...but never mind I love it this one!!!

The brothers are a sheer opposite .....and this is an entire' tag' scrapbook page ....

This is better planned with some layout reflecting in darling niece Ananya was a baby then ...

I love this the most for it colors!!!! and of course the lovely photographs my dear photographer brother took at our trip to Hong Kong ....and again all this reminds me that I still have not done anything for my other darling- Lavanya!!! I better get my hands on her photographs soon!!!

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