Saturday, November 17, 2012

Tag Game!!!

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Tee please get bored more often ....this was fun apart from Questions 30 and 31 ...I really loved this Tag Game...For all those who are wondering....She was too bored of Crafty Posts so she played this Tag Game...You can check her answer here...And mine below....hehehhe

1. Where is your cellphone?- Always piling along with me like a "Bodyguard" even inside the loo!!! What if someone put a BOMB on my shit pot??? I need to die with my "Bodyguard"...paid a heavy sum for it from my hard earned monies!!!

2. Your hair?- The ONLY sexy thing about me-Long and Silky to the core that I drive the shopkeeper nuts with my questions-"Do you have a clip with a stronger grip???" I wonder none asked me ....would a claw or handcuff do???

3. Your Mother?-You can LOVE her...You can HATE her but You can never IGNORE her!!

4. Your Father?- Always has a bad timing !!! Specially with his phone calls and silly questions with obvious answers !!!

5. Your favourite food?- Spicies.....I mean HOT SPICY and anything EDIBLE

6. Your dream last night?- Directing a film ....please avoid asking me the content...its ADULT stuff not meant for people above 15years!!!

7. Your favourite drink?- Mojito

8. Your dream/goal? - To transfer some of my fat/lipids to my skinny friends

9. What room are you in?- Its a bloody "Snore House"...with my mom and dad snoring away to glory....yesss for some weird reason I decided to sleep down with my parents just before my wedding

10. Your hobby? -Anything that gives my Adrenaline a good rush to get me doing that stuff!!!

11. Your fear?- The Slimy four legged reptile with an ugly face and even weirder colors and textures and a damn irritating sound with an even more irritating tail that it happily leaves behind just to protect itself from being caught!!! PHEW!!! In a word- LIZARDS!!

12. Where do you want to be in 6 years? Crafting with my Girl (Did I tell you that was my Goal when I was a kid- To be a mother to a GIRL child!! I plan well ....better than our Government's five year plans)

13. Where were you last night?- In the arms of someone- Hey I told you I was Directing a film!!!

14. Something that you aren't?- An expert in Techniques!!!

15. Muffins?- Chocolate LAVA

16. Wish list item?- I need a never ending Diary to list them!!! Get me one and I grant you your wish!!!

17. Where did you grow up?-The Steel City of India, Jamshedpur, in Jharkhand.

18. Last thing you did?- Watched a Crime Series...I love Criminals!!! They are the best and they surely inspire me- Holy shit....wait!!! Only to create Gossips!!!

19. What are you wearing?- After knowing this people with surely think me as a Whacky ..Cranky person..- Balloon Pants with a long Kurta- WOOOW what an awesomely weird combo!!!

20. Your TV?- Is always screaming whether I watch it or not...I need constant company for my long night stay ups!!!

 21. Your pets?- My Darlings....have had everything from a love birds to cats to cows and peacocks...and even tigers (thanks to my grandparents)..though my fav are Dogs!!!

22. Friends?- Barring a few ....the love of my life!!!

23. Your life?- Totally Unplanned!!!

 24. Your mood?-Anxious...Scared...Confused...Philosophical....okie yess I know its a weird combo...but are'nt Weirdos suppose to have weird combos??? Thats for you to answer in your mind and keep it to yourself!!!

 25. Missing someone?- I DO NOT MISS ....I just CRY....

26. Vehicle?-FORD FIGO

27. Something you're not wearing?- Shoes....for Pete's sake am on my mom will kill me if I wore shoes to bed!!!

28. Your favorite store?- All with BOOKS, CRAFT supplies, STATIONARY...they make me happy while I shop and give me a reality check by a minor heart attack when I pay!!! That keeps me Grounded to the real world or I would feel I am in a DREAMLAND!!

29. Your favorite color?- I LOVE COLOURS...and I believe in being I love them all ...Primary..Secondary...Tertairy....all of it :P

30. When was the last time you laughed?- I am craving to have a hearty laugh...its been way too long!!!

31. Last time you cried?- I have forgotten the count and the moments....they are way too much to remember...see I hate these EMO questions...Tee you should not have questions 30 and 31 in your list!!!

32. Your best friend?-Sajitha and my Gossip Gurls

 33. One place that I go to over and over?-Hmmmm...Loo...cant help ...God made it that way!!!

 34. Facebook?-Inspirational....Connector but above all a true place for Gossip by Indian Standards!!! (Sorry but no insults meant here...but thats the truth!!!) I love the CAT FIGHTS on posts and stupid comments....make me realise where the world is heading to!!!

35. Favourite place to eat?-Under the open sky with a Rug and stars above me...yess am a hard core ROMANTIC but only in theory and as far as it concerns only ME and MYSELF to deal with!!

Am Tagging: Hussena Calcuttawala

Comm'on Gurls us your Fun side!!!


Hussena said...

Ha ha :)What a totally whacky and fun Q&A... Your answers made me laugh so hard :) I really had so much fun reading through them and i agree Tejal should do this more often...Thanks for the tag but i have already done this Q & A as Snehal had tagged me intially..I have put up this post o my blog :)...and what's more since i had Tagged sindhu even she has done this post :)...You need to check it out now !!

Dr Sonia S V said...

Saumya you gave me a good laugh on a Saturday morning but I will not forgive you for writing such elaborate audiovisual inducing details in number 11 !! [I jump and scream if the said creature is anywhere in the vicinity]

Sindhu said... thats my link! Thanks for tagging me but Hussena tagged me already.. So i answered them day before yesterday i guess..

And guess what, i read your answers as soon as you posted them and couldnt help laughing...Was afraid i'd wake up my sister! :D Gosh Saumya... I bet no one could be funnier that that... :)
Btw i too fear lizards...but dont you think cockroaches are equally .....? dont have proper words! Especially the big ones that fly! Eeew!

Sindhu said...

and were you serious about tigers?

Shylaashree said...

its a fun reading this saumya. really enjoyed

Saumya said...

Hussena you sabotaged my whole tag Game....I shall see to it that you are sued for reading my mind...cry cry...and some more EMO dialogs and outburst....

Thanks Doc but sorry I hate them so much that I had to pour it out...poor creatures cant understand the meaning of our slang hurls so had to abuse them with my description just to satify my inner feel...

Sindhu thanks girl....I can handly croacks....dissected them in my BIO classes...poor wings of theirs didnt come to any aid of them...

and yess as I told u...tigers ..yess yess...very much

Sakhi said...

Seriously girl? Tigers???!! you grand parents were surely too good! :D

Loved your answers... enjoyed them thoroughly! :D

Piyu said...

OMG..I am still laughing girl!An awesome take on the tag game :)

Tejal said...

If I do this again, I will find even more funnier questions so you can write whackier answers!! OMG OMG!! I am in love with the silly answers!!

Tigers? really? H has new gossip to eat your brains with..and yeah those ugly things!! I wish they would get extinct so I can finally live with my doors and windows open...