Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Fathers Day Gifts

Hi Everyone,

This is a long pending post from the Father's Day. If you have my previous Mother's Day post you know that I gifted my mother some gifts that hold memories to my brothers and my childhood. I have tried to do the same for my Dad on Father's Day too.

Project 1:

My Dad loves gardening and flowering plants are his favourite, so much so that he is forever clicking photos of his garden and sending it to us on the family group in whatsapp. If he spots a beautiful flower in social media he send that too. So I decided what better that give him a handmade table pot so that he could plant a small succulent or flowering plant for his working desk. So I bought a plain white pot from the market and decoupaged it.

Project 2:

Front View

My Dad loves going for walks and carry a juice bottle in case he gets hungry or needs energy so this was an easy choice of making a medium sized insulted bottled with the art of decoupage for him to take along for his walks.

Side View

Back View

Project 3:

My Brothers and me have learn Table Tennis thanks to our Dad and we totally owe it to him that he took time from his job to teach us the sport and emphasised on practice and that though now days none of us play the sport regularly but we do remember how to play it and play it decently well not to embarrass ourselves. My Dad is still plays the sport at 78!!!

So I got the TT bats made in MDF and decoupaged one with red flowers (as he loves flowers) and the other one with playing cards. Playing cards is another sport taught to us as a family entertainment by our Dad. Everytime I visit them after lunch is a family card game time and believe me when I say its a serious business cause they are real fights and people get upset if the partner makes a mistake .....hahahha....

I have then added a message for my Dad from all of us on both the bats. The black one has a hand written note. The red one is scrabble tiles and MDF cut out. Also for people who know the Table Tennis sport know that the usual colours in a bat is black and red so the colours were not a tough choice.

Project 4:

Crossword solving everyday in the newspaper was another favourite activity as a kid and one that still is practiced by all of us. My brothers have started that practice with their kids and I do it alone or sometimes with my husband. So each one of us  chose one word that best described Dad to them and I compiled it in a cross word puzzle and did an image transfer .

The flowers are decoupaged.

Close up of the Crossword

 I hope you like the projects and let me know what you did for your father's day gifts.

Happy Crafting

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