Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Car Accessories !!! Customised for a Dear Friend's Car

Making an Art or Craft piece in itself requires a lot of hard work and mind work .....thinking of a new idea is of course exciting but implementing it and executing it to the maximum ability is the most difficult part!!! It gets worst when you are trying a lot of things for the first time!!! I have always been adventurous when it comes to experimenting with new things/techniques.....but never tried so many new things all at one go!!!

A dear school friend of mine Shilpa has just bought a car after a lot of heart and mind baseless struggle of hers on which car to buy......until she finally boiled it down to Hyundai i20 ...a maroon colour !!! She wanted something special and unique for her car to accessorize it and make it the talking thing of her social circle!!! Got her a lot of stuff online but she wanted something really personal for her Rear View Mirror ...and so on her request I made her this piece ....and believe me it was a difficult task for me ....NOOOOO ...not coz its looks any hard stuff to make but coz there were a lot of "FIRSTS" while making this product!!!

This is the Front view of the hanging .....products used are from Crazee Daizy , ItsMeKhyati and Pie Lane....

With this I used my Slice Die Cut from Making Memories for the "FIRST" time!!! The base, that is the heart has been die cut .....the paper flower was my "FIRST" time too!!! and even trie dmy hand for the "FIRST" time with clear stamps !!! All the pieces are joined through my Hot Glue Gun for better fixing....and believe me ...that was my "FIRST" attempt with the glue gun too!!! Phew!!!!!

Get a closer look and you will see a stamped flower in the corner side....that is stuck on a detachable clip and has the provision to punch in some quick notes that my friend might end up writing while in her car!!! Those lovely Donut Buttons are from Pie Lane and am simply in love with it!!! Knowingly kept the side a lil empty so that adding notes dont block the embellishments or vice versa.....

This is the Back side of the no notes need to fixed here filled it up!!! :)

Get a closer look ...the color combos are mostly to match my friend's maroon colour car but i hate monotony so i added a lot of pinks and purples here and there ...the toughest decision was to add to donut buttons as the center piece didnt not have any tinge of blue or green!!! But surprisingly they are looking nice and me really happy with my decision!!! :) Hope you liked it too!!!


shilpa said...

This is truly an incredible piece of art and shall be cherished today and always

Saumya said...

thanks u thank u...hope it luks great inside ur car