Friday, December 23, 2011

Baby Car Accessorieeeeee!!!!!!

After my first time with car accessories for a dear friend this is my second order .....but this was way different from the first one....the challenge being - make it colourful so that the baby enjoys seeing it !!! Making Scrapbook albums for kids are easy coz they dont see it as often as the elders ...its a keepsake that the kid would enjoy once a lil grown up ...but to customise a scrapbook page hanging especially for the senses of a kid...that too of this age group ...Phew!!! I just hope seeing this brings a smile on her face....thats my reward :)

The size is 6X6 .... with space for a personal message too from both Mom and Dad!!!! Check out the Dad side.....

Ya ya ...I  know that donut buttons are becoming a frequent habit...but cant help I just looooovwweee them....the best part which I like is the chipboard alphabets with the lil princess name ....I like the way it turned out and the fact that the name is visible both sides :)

Take a closer look on both the sides !!!

I love those Chipboard alphabets from  Imaginations, Aditya Gupta's online store ...that was just the right product of this project and you already know why!!!

This could be used as a door knob hanger or just a plain hanging for any kid room....but my friend has decided to hand it in her car rear window so that when her daughter is in her car seat ...she gets to see it !!!!

Thats all from me now....and I remember next after Method in Madness was to be an Inchies thingy ....but could stop from putting this one first.....Inchies are on its way for the next time!!!!


Sudha - Art Admirer said...

Wow its so creative n unique too. Love the buttons too.


Saumya said...

hey thanks sudha...waiting for ur parcel so that i can do much more with that :) and go beyond this

*~řäđĥïķã~* said...

this looks amazing!!

Saumya said...

thanks radhika :)

Jyoti Agrawal said...

Wow!! I just loved this post of urs. Its so creative.

Saumya said...

thanks jyoti