Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Friendship At its Peak !!

This was her first attempt at Horse Riding.... that too on her birthday at Hong Kong Lychee Village ..I just loved this place for its greenery for the scrapbook part...I love the use of rub on stickers in this!!

Our happy times together...some of the best memories we have till date, the first photograph is from one of the wedding  ceremonies of my eldest brother, the second one is at the cruise while going to Discovery Bay in Hong of our best trips, the third one is again at Hong Kong guess while we celebrated my birthday at the American Club...must say the pastry was the best I ever had!!!

This is my mad and crazy girl gang of is really at its peak when we freak out ....and though the photographs are not that great as they were taken on the mobile they still hold a special place in all our hearts ....We had gone crazy that day and decided to visit the Juhu Chaupatty at around 1am just to have Golas!!!

This is my friend Manish who makes awesome tea and we have had some really good memories together with Garry (another friend)...I made this for him as a gift for his new house...Sorry for that shiny reflection bit.....but I like the color combination though I do feel that I should have made it a lil more boyish as the flowers added here make it look a lil girly but never that its done and gifted ....hehehhe...the best part is this was the first time I tried scrapping on a CANVASS!!! Yesssss, the green background that you see is actually a canvass hand painted and then transformed into a scrapbook page.....

My First Try At Album Making!!!!

 This is my eldest nephew "Aryaman" now about 8yrs old staying at Bangalore ....

 We had taken this photograph when we went for his "Mundan" ceremony..

 This is my second nephew and Aryaman's brother "Sridaman" who is about 5 yrs and also stays at Bangalore.

 This is my darling niece "Ananya", my second brother's girl about 3 yrs now and she stay sin Hong Kong

and with this I just realised that the youngest of my niece "Lavanya", Ananya's sister will now be 2 yrs very soon and before she can grumble I need to definitely add her photographs to this album!!!