Sunday, January 29, 2012


Hmmm this is the first challenge on Indian Craft Room related to scrapbooking...and am so excited about this year long series!!!! It surely is a creativity booster to me....

I recently made a "First Anniversary" Album and as I had guessed that I would not find time separately for the challenge thanks to the orders, I decided to try it on one of the pages. So here is something which I wanna enter for the ISICR1 ...a page from the album.....

I didnt wanna use a readymade swirl or make it with a signo or sparkle glue so I thot I could design the leaves in the form of a swirl and I was satisfied with the effect

The rest of the album pages are available to view on my FB page Scrap Your Idea under the photo album "Custom Orders".....

C ya till my next blog

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Pie Lane Challenge

After all the hectic days when my brother and his family were visiting us from Hong Kong ....the weather decided to play hurdle to my crafting :( .....and finally when I could I had loads of pending work.....couple of challenges and a few orders ...and finally here I am with the post with my Pie Lane Challenge.....their Challenge # 2 is to use flowers, buttons and swirls....

I tried this challenge with a simple bookmark using Pie Lane Stencils .....though using their products was not compulsory .....I wanted to trace their swirls for this project coz I simple love it...

Really like the swirls :))

Close up of the swirls....sorry the pic is slightly blurr :((

Will see if I can do one more project for this challenge....Hope time permits :)))

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Crayon Technique Tutorial

Hi Everyone....okie okie....I know am blogging too much today but cant help ....have been going crazy with crafting since morning...the previous post was on my cards which am entering for a Challenge on India Craft Room...and now here I am with a small but nice tutorial.....I saw it on Youtube but I didnt note the URL!!! Damn !!! Never mind but am very happy with the technique and the final effect .....

Okie lets start.....You need Crayons, Cardstock (Preferably White but you could try on pastel coloured cardstock too), Stamps, Inks, Paper Towels or Tissues and an Iron!!! Yesss you read it right.....IRON!!!!

Ooops sorry forgot to include the most important thing in the picture :( the crayons......anyways I used Faber Castel Oil Pastels.

Now take a white cardstock and start making circles with the crayons.....and feel like a toddler :)....You can do any geometric shape or heart or anything..but I love Circles for some weird reason sooooooo...


Once you finish this is how it will look!!!

I was doing many designs together so will do the same here too....:)

After you finish with this......heat your Iron on one side and take out the paper towels or tissues.....

Cover the entire Cardstock with the Paper Towel or Tissue like below

And then Iron on it......I used my old Iron as I was scared that I would spoil my other nice ones...but there's nothing to fear !!! 

This is basically to melt the crayons and tissue is added so that the extra colour is absorbed by it....keep ironing till the crayon circles turn a little chalky in feel than the waxy/oily original feel of theirs .....

You can check by touching it....if you get the colour on your finger tip and it seems like chalk its done!!! Make sure the oilyness is gone or we cant stamp on it!!!!

Now for the next step......the messy part :)

I like a smudged look to just took a tissue and blended the colours ...all into each other!!!

It MAY NOT look all that good and nice now but there's nothing to worry ....wait and watch!!!!

The second one I didnt do a smudged feel .....just took off the extra chalky colour through the tissue!!!

Now we shall proceed with the Stamping Part of it!!!!

 My CTMH stamps on work with her CTMH inks and acrylic block.....


Dont worry about crayon showing unevenly on sides doe snot matter at all.....the overall effect is what matters ....

Continue the same way with the other circles.....and yess I forgot please use those crayons colors on which your stamp inks will show....dont use very dark colors .....stamping will not show on them!!!

The final look after stamping!!!

Optional Supplies needed are sketch pens or fine tip pens make the stem and leaves could do it with felt paper...scraps of paper....punch craft ...options are many..suit yourself!!!!

I used buttons too could use glitters or glitter glue pens etc for the middle round ....also could add bling border to leaves etc as per your imagination and creativity....options are endless....

I trimmed the sides a little and mounted it on a cardstock to make a card.....simple and easy isnt it????

A closer look !!!

You can also use this technique to create pattern paper for layering I plan to use .....

Love the about you????  Have a look at the others too that I did.....

The next one does not use the stamping effect ....its with plain fine tip pens!!!!

In all the patterns you can add glitters ...bling etc etc as mentioned earlier to enhance the pattern!!!

Hope you like the technique and also do hope that I was crystal clear in the step by step procedure ....this is my first tutorial soooo nervous.....but none the less....I love the final product and am off to do some lovely cards with these !!!

Byeeee till my next blog!!!

ICRC14 and Inchies !!!

Hi Everyone.....Happy New Year!!! This is my first post in the year 2012 and as promised I have an Inchie Square card to share !!!!

Just stamped the image with the support of six inchies squares and mounted it on a red cardstock....added a little ribbon and bling and another stamp that reads "You have my Heart"......Simple and Sweet!!!! :)

I have another card too .......

This is a simple card with a wedding invite entering both the cards for Indian Craft Room Challenge ICRC14