Friday, April 27, 2012

SALE SALE SALE- its a clearance sale!!!

Am selling some of my unused or hardly used craft supplies as I wanna make space for new stuff in my craft room and with all those who know they will understand why I need to do this....heheh simply coz I have no more extra space left!!! every inch of my room is covered and I need to include a couple of things for which I have to do away with the already existing ones!!! So kindly go through them and mail me at "" with the "Photograph number" and a subject stating "Sale Order"....Shipping for all orders will be as per the actual courier charges and shall be borne by the buyer.....thanks!!!

1. Flower Pot...totally unused (80/-)

2. Happy Family...totally unused (130/-)

3. Happy Animal Family...totally unused...(130/-)

4. Happy Teddy Paa and Kids....totally unused (80/-)

5. Bouquet ...totally unused.. (80/-)

Thanks and Hope to hear from you all soon!!!