Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Go Bold+Replace Me at The Twisted Challenges

We are here with  yet another challenge with a twist at The Twisted Challenges.

This month's challenge is 

So we need a bold sentiment to be the focus and the twist is to replace atleast one alphabet with an image. 

As this month is also the Rakhi month (In India, sisters tie Rakhi at their brothers hands to emphasis the love and bonding between them) I decided to make some Rakhi cards with above theme for my brothers.

These are single base card as in like a postcard and have no opening or as we say inside of card element. And I have added my Rakhis for my brothers on the front of the card itself.

I have taken the sentiment "Happy" to be my focus (Bold sentiment) and replaced the alphabet 'A' with a smiling girl standing and waving!!!

In this card my focus sentiment is "SMILES" and I have replaced the 'I' with a Teddy Bear holding a balloon with a globe design on it. The globe balloon actually worked so well for me with the overall sentiment - Sending Smiles across the Miles signifying that the card was coming from one part of the world to another. 

Hope you like my creation and join me in The Twisted Challenges. 

Happy Crafting