Sunday, July 20, 2014

Planning the Planner!!!

Hello folks….Its good to be back on my Blog!!! I have been MIA for a long time now but have been crafting a lot behind the scenes…

Just to fill you up on what I have been doing all this while:

1. I did the show Beintehaa on Colors TV
2. While on a full time hectic Indian Televison job I also did my first Mumbai exhibition which received a fabulous response (even long after the exhibition I have got orders, exhibition offers, online deals etc)
3. Started kids workshop at my home on every weekend (will share pics on that soon on a separate post)

Phew…thats all but loads of planning…patience and efforts went into all this…and today am here to share a fetish of mine…STATIONARY and PLANNERS….I survive on fancy stationary and this is pretty evident to people who know me very well …evident also to first timers who come to my house….they find stationary in every nook and corner of my house :P

Planners are another weakness but thanks to Happie-Scrappie I have found another passion….customising my planners…and today am here to share what I have done inspired from Happie Scrappie …I had made up my mind that I would not buy or use anything new in my stationary stock to customise my planner…so except the Planner everything has been lying in my cupboard/drawer for more than 3 months!!!

But first I shall share my stock of pens and other cute stuff that I usually use…please note this is just a fraction of my stock ….hehhehe

This is for easy DOODLING….my new addiction….and my new venture to learn and research on!!!

That almost completes my pen series…I have loads of pencils too..but lets leave that stock for sometime latter….

Post its…I can't have plain square yellow post-its ever…I need fancy stuff!!!

Paper Clips…my collection from Hong Kong, Japan and Antalaya….

Highlighters..some may say…whats so great about these…the Flair Highlighters are wax tip….and have a crayon effect when you highlight…but very pastel in the colour effect…the other one is a regular felt tip but  is special thanks to its size and design!!!

My correction stapler…and mini glue tape runner for some quick and easy sticking!!

My Flash Card booklet for quick jotting of websites…blogs…ruff notes and at times online magazine subscription passwords …

So these are my regular essentials that I always carry with me to my office…coffee shops…anywhere and everywhere…..

Now its time to have a look at what I have done with my Planner…

Open Form 
I have had this plastic folder for donkey years and so I thought of putting it to some good cause…and what best than use it in my planner….I wanted to use the quote with the three friends…as I mostly have group of threes in various friend circle of mine….Tejal, Khush and me..Prieti, Harshada and me….Ishany, Rhisha and me….Antara, Pujita and me….Dharmesh, Garima and me…so it somehow summarised my friend circle……so I chopped it off to size in order to be the first page in the planner…and act up like a dashboard!!!

What a happy feeling it gives to see this first page…reminding me of all my fun friends who have stood by my side through thick and thin!!!!

This is what I meant when I said Dashboard…stick the post it on the back ….easy to use…the next page I need to write a note on myself…on my dreams…my aims and inspiration so its still blank!!!

Another set of shaped post its and flag post its….just punched holes and have inserted it there….

 This is a plastic folder I bought at Japan Disneyland ages back…actually meant to hold fancy writing paper with matching envelopes….punched holes and inserted to hold some nick nacks of papers that I may want….

In the open form…

My first divider….for the Inspiration Quotes section…

When you open the flap…space either to stick a few favourite/memorable pics or to have post its put for easy reference without making it look untidy it would close up…or push in small chits of paper with the help of paper clips…

Again the back of the divider can be used for post its or pics…this Inspiration section has some coloured fabriano card stock ….space where I may pen down some inspiring quotes similar to or important for me to read on regular intervals to be motivated towards my aims!!!

The second divider is more colourful as it involves my Idea Section…….

Again open space for pics and post its….

As I said…I don't like plain stuff…so I tore off all pages from a writing notepad I had bought long back…punched holes and inserted it here ….

My third section is for my Workshops…

Again tore of another writing notepad to punch holes and fill it here ….

 Another Disneyland folder meant to hold writing paper with matching envies...

In open form….

The back of the folder…and few sets of post its again….

Few more Post its….

My last section…this divider I made into a pocket for pushing in slips of bills or paper with quick notes….This is a regular daily planning section…consisting of the original pages of the planner when I bought it recently…

This is the only plain page section …I left it as it is as I need the dated pages to jot down my daily plans and schedules….

I got an after thought…for a few of my fancy paper clips…in dog bone shape….

I love the way the paper clips hang in there...

The closed planner …..

I am feeling happy about the space I have created to plan my projects and ventures and am sure if the space is exciting me so much…what I write in it will surely be exciting and will inspire and motivate me to do better each time and innovate better!!!

Thanks for being a part of my excitement…do leave your feedback of my work…..