Friday, December 23, 2011

Baby Car Accessorieeeeee!!!!!!

After my first time with car accessories for a dear friend this is my second order .....but this was way different from the first one....the challenge being - make it colourful so that the baby enjoys seeing it !!! Making Scrapbook albums for kids are easy coz they dont see it as often as the elders ...its a keepsake that the kid would enjoy once a lil grown up ...but to customise a scrapbook page hanging especially for the senses of a kid...that too of this age group ...Phew!!! I just hope seeing this brings a smile on her face....thats my reward :)

The size is 6X6 .... with space for a personal message too from both Mom and Dad!!!! Check out the Dad side.....

Ya ya ...I  know that donut buttons are becoming a frequent habit...but cant help I just looooovwweee them....the best part which I like is the chipboard alphabets with the lil princess name ....I like the way it turned out and the fact that the name is visible both sides :)

Take a closer look on both the sides !!!

I love those Chipboard alphabets from  Imaginations, Aditya Gupta's online store ...that was just the right product of this project and you already know why!!!

This could be used as a door knob hanger or just a plain hanging for any kid room....but my friend has decided to hand it in her car rear window so that when her daughter is in her car seat ...she gets to see it !!!!

Thats all from me now....and I remember next after Method in Madness was to be an Inchies thingy ....but could stop from putting this one first.....Inchies are on its way for the next time!!!!

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Method in Madness!!! Anything for Crafting!!!!

Hi Guys!!! This Post is for a crafter friend Tejal Mehta Shah ...was thinking about sharing this for long but she truly inspired me to blog on the same and share my supplies with her and many others!!!

That is my Craft cupboard which stores all my extra supplies while not in use and also stores my crafting tools and machines which would otherwise have gathered dust lying out!!! The cupboard is decorated with magnets collected by me from all over my travel trips taken to Turkey, Hong Kong, Japan, Mumbai, Pune etc etc....and those notes are my notes and thoughts that i write on and off....bad habit of diary writing you see :)....

Now lets take a look inside the cupboard .....

The top most self has my albums....8X8, 12X12, and some odd measuring ones too...they come my way from Itsy Bitsy of my first online stores and as i visit Bangalore quiet often thanks to my brother and his family who is settled there ...I get to shop there  personally too!!!

The second self contains my favourite crafting tools- my Cuttlebug, my SilhouetteSD, my Circuit Slice Die Cut from Making Memories, my Hot Glue Gun and my Sony Photo Printer....Amongst all I love my Cuttlebug and Sony Photo Printer the most!!!

Third self has my Patterned Paper from all over and card stocks and my gluing items ....the fourth self has my Decoupage items and a lot of my other crafting boxes like Madhubani paintings...Floral designing kit....Sand painting kit etc!!!!

Sorry...for all the mess ...they need slight clean up .....oooopppsss!!!!!

Now after the tour of my dear cupboard ...lets check out my craft table!!!! My work station.....My most fav place to be ...

Now lets go one by one ....first a closer look at my table where I work and create everyday!!!

Those boxes that you see have loads of small boxes and a lot of other stuff tucked in so that my table is neatly organised and I know which box to open without creating a mess!!!

My two most important boxes....the green one has all my corner punches ...and some of my regularly used designing scissors.....the black one has my three regular plain scissors for for finer designs and the other for ribbons and measuring tapes....craft knives, bone folder, scoring blades, single hole punch, single star hole punch...on the side i have pencils, markers and pens and eraser....

The other designing scissors which I use off and on....all bought from Hobby Ideas while I was in of my fav stores where I was a regular visitor!!! These Scissors help me turn a simply journalling into a stylish one by just mounting it on a layered paper whose edges have been cut by them!!!

My cane box .....wait till you peep inside  ;P... holds my wooden mounted stamps from Stamping Up and Hobby Ideas....loads of them and I love all of them....

My second fav wooden box ....holds some more special stuff I love a lot!!!!

My collection from Close to My Heart!!! There are lot more that I have got from friends like Jovita, Khyati, Radhika etc...already posted on my FB page!!!

My Acrylic blocks Ink Pads from Close to My Heart!!!! Stamps and Inks most crafters would agree help us create some wonderful moments on the scrapbook and cards...and there are so many techniques that one can try out with them that the possibility of creativity is endless!!!

My layering paper and blanks cards!!! Layering Paper is  like a life line for me.....and i have a variety of them....sorry not going into each and every detailing as that would make this blog too will see the patterns everytime I end up with a finished product!!!

My regularly used ribbons.....something that not only enhances a craft piece but in a simple manner gives it a very warm and cosy look ....a very "you are cared and remembered" touch!!!

Some nice embellishments from Hobby Ideas with color co-ordinated alphabets and ribbons...with matching card stock to assemble them and make tags.....they come very handy when I am in lack of time and need to quickly embellish ....

 Coloured Paper Frames for scrapbooking and card making...from Itsy Bitsy!!!!

My chipboard and other sticker collections!!!! Only few here ...could not fit all of them :(....chipboards and stickers are a very easy method of adding a tinge of glamour to one's craft piece according to me!!!

Other embellishments , rub ons and glass stickers.....rub ons again are my fav to work with they are less time consuming to use and sometimes really save me when I go through those bad phases of  "Mind Blocks" !!!!

My Glue dots ...clothes line clip...cardboard flowers, eyelets....scrapbook ring binders....and my fav inchie next blog shall be on the use of inchie squares...they are a great way of adding colour and fun to your cards !!

Other colour co-ordinated embellishments from Hobby Ideas and some tags and can create a lovely embellishment by just assembling them in the way one wants and the options are unlimited .....

My Collection of Punches!!!! Do I need to say anything about them.....

The paints...brushes...sketch pens ...copic markers....color pencils...etc in an all in one  basket !!!

My all time fav and the most colourful box in my craft room and embellishment I cant do without!!! Wait till you sneak inside !!!!

Top Layer...buttons from all over..Pie Lane....Kreating keepsakes....Bits and Pieces but the maximum stock is from Cheap Jack, Mumbai....excellent collection and as its a wholesale/retail outlet the buttons are damn cheap!!!!

The Second layer and more buttons....hehehehehe :) a simple piece of art and craft can be taken to a whole new level of creativity only by the use of these colorful does not need anything more!!!!

My basic tool Kaiser paper trimmer.....

This is also something I cant do Easy to Peel Off Post It Board!!!! has my ideas ...notes...order follow ups...contacts of craft stores and friends who supply me with craft supplies.....quick measurements that I need to save etc and etc......

Phew !!! that brings me to the end of all this madness .....and am totally exhausted heres me signing off ...Good Night and Bye till my next blog!!!!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Car Accessories !!! Customised for a Dear Friend's Car

Making an Art or Craft piece in itself requires a lot of hard work and mind work .....thinking of a new idea is of course exciting but implementing it and executing it to the maximum ability is the most difficult part!!! It gets worst when you are trying a lot of things for the first time!!! I have always been adventurous when it comes to experimenting with new things/techniques.....but never tried so many new things all at one go!!!

A dear school friend of mine Shilpa has just bought a car after a lot of heart and mind baseless struggle of hers on which car to buy......until she finally boiled it down to Hyundai i20 ...a maroon colour !!! She wanted something special and unique for her car to accessorize it and make it the talking thing of her social circle!!! Got her a lot of stuff online but she wanted something really personal for her Rear View Mirror ...and so on her request I made her this piece ....and believe me it was a difficult task for me ....NOOOOO ...not coz its looks any hard stuff to make but coz there were a lot of "FIRSTS" while making this product!!!

This is the Front view of the hanging .....products used are from Crazee Daizy , ItsMeKhyati and Pie Lane....

With this I used my Slice Die Cut from Making Memories for the "FIRST" time!!! The base, that is the heart has been die cut .....the paper flower was my "FIRST" time too!!! and even trie dmy hand for the "FIRST" time with clear stamps !!! All the pieces are joined through my Hot Glue Gun for better fixing....and believe me ...that was my "FIRST" attempt with the glue gun too!!! Phew!!!!!

Get a closer look and you will see a stamped flower in the corner side....that is stuck on a detachable clip and has the provision to punch in some quick notes that my friend might end up writing while in her car!!! Those lovely Donut Buttons are from Pie Lane and am simply in love with it!!! Knowingly kept the side a lil empty so that adding notes dont block the embellishments or vice versa.....

This is the Back side of the no notes need to fixed here filled it up!!! :)

Get a closer look ...the color combos are mostly to match my friend's maroon colour car but i hate monotony so i added a lot of pinks and purples here and there ...the toughest decision was to add to donut buttons as the center piece didnt not have any tinge of blue or green!!! But surprisingly they are looking nice and me really happy with my decision!!! :) Hope you liked it too!!!