Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Its all about Mothers feeling Special!!!

Hi everyone,

Long time ...really really long time.....though I have been crafting a lot ....I have not been blogging about it....and I thought  I should rectify that, so here I am with the promise that I shall not only bring all of you to speed with all my projects....I shall also be a regular  at blogging from now on. 

While I was away from the blogland, a lot of things have happened in life and I was burning myself with coping with them and their aftermaths.  From a steady growth in craft business start up, to a friend going through a major surgery to personal life crisis etc etc. But we shall discuss those stories on another sunny warm day over a cup of coffee....for now,  lets move on to the Mother's Day projects I bring to you today.


The quote was the easiest to choose and went very well with the concept I wanted to showcase. She literally lights up my world. Be it our fights or our discussions or our gossip sessions....they light up not only my but my family's world too.

I have painted the glass jar with Mod Podge Sheer  Aqua Colour and allowed it to dry in the sun for a day. Post which I coated it with Mod Podge Sparkle and again a day of sun drying. While preparing for the project and its drying time, I had kept the quote cut in vinyl through the help of a dear friend ready. Post the Sparkle Mod Podge layer all dried up, I got the vinyl cut quote transferred to the bottle. The cap of the bottle is painted with black chalk paint and post a day of drying a layer of Mod Podge Sparkle was painted over it.  I then had a battery operated LED copper string of lights that I inserted into it to turn it into a mood lighting lamp. 


This project is a Pinterest inspiration and what attracted me to it is the use of actual buttons. My childhood has been all about wearing the stylish frocks that my mother stitched after getting inspired from the then hottest selling english magazine "Women's Era". In the 1980-1990's, they featured a lot of English Ladies and their dressing styles which got my mother attracted to their styling. She not only stitched my frocks but also took care of my school uniforms/school cardigans/ scout and guides uniform/ my odissi dance costume etc etc. I hardly knew a tailor in my life. My mother was my go to tailor and knitter. So buttons and frills where a special part of her stitching and knitting journey. Hence, this project was close to not only her heart but mine too. And its true, Mothers do hold us together like 'BUTTONS' ...

I first got a customised box frame made and then inserted a nice but subtle pattern paper which would not take away from the beautiful colorful buttons which were then put together from my stash collected over the years. After putting back the frame together I put the quote (vinyl cut, thanks to a dear friend) over the front of the glass frame and coated it with some Sparkle Modge Podge. Now you may wonder when there's vinyl why coat it again with Mod Podge. Well, for two reasons.

1. Too obvious, I just wanted it to be doubly secured as I was to ship it out and didnt want to take any risks in case the vinyl peeled off.

2. The coat of Mod Podge helped blurred the contrast of the moving buttons behind. Due to glass the colours and shapes of the buttons were too distinct and distracted my line of sight/focus from the quote. And while the buttons are an integral part of the project, I didnt want the focus to go from the quote and this step helped me with that cause at hand.


This picture is special, very very special. This was taken in the December of 2017. The entire family was assembled together after 5 long years since my marriage in December of 2012. (We three brothers and sister stay in different parts of India and World and manage to tag along sometimes but someone or the other is always missing  -be it the spouses or the kids or one entire lot of family). So I decided to not only do a layout for it but do a layout that can be framed and kept on a table top for easy access rather than on a wall hanging at a distance. 

The Layout is done entirely from the Craftreat's new release paper pack called 'LIVE TODAY' and the frame is a market bought wooden frame which I have painted with Home Decor Chalk Paints and Crackle Medium. 

If you want to see the step by step making of the layout, here is the link below. This was a project I did as my DT Post. 

Back to Basics  (Link for Step by Step Procedure)


This is again a simple card I put together with the same paper pack to write a short and sweet message to my Mom and tell her how much she is loved and thought of by the whole family. 


I loved making this and this was a real fun project  too. I have been eyeing this design for ages now and many people in my social media friend list have attempted it before I could and for different art forms but that did not deter me from going forward with the execution of this project. I asked my family members to recall a word that they would associate with Mom and send me back on message and then I put it together with their names below . Yes, every mom is a supermom and they should believe in their superpowers (their attributes ...their kids and their grandkids) That's what this project is all about. 

I stamped this super girl image from Craftangles ( and die cut it. There was another image of a flying supergirl, I used that image to partially stamp it to create the fist movement behind the popped up super girl ( with the help of a double tape).  The paper used is Canson Watercolor Paper and the images have been colored with Zig Clean Watercolor Brush pens. 

Hope you enjoyed the projects as much as I did making it and blogging about it. Do share your links in comments if you have a Mother's Day project too. I would love to visit your blog and read your stories and see your projects. 

Happy Crafting