Friday, August 31, 2012

Close to My Heart

Have been upset that I couldn't click proper photographs for all my hand crafted stuff that I made for my exhibition and above all my BB needed a formatting due to which I lost out some photos that I had clicked on my phone...though they would not have given much clarity but still...but as I say this am also happy that I could retrieve one such photo from my memory card :) yayayayya..and thats what am sharing with you here...

I have been using CTMH products for quiet a few years now but always mixed them with my other supplies ...these are my first exclusive CTMH creations and I love them....

Hope you liked them too ....Do leave your feedback and comments they help me create better!!!

Sunday, August 26, 2012


Hey all...I know I have been missing from the blogland for way too long now...have been really busy with my exhibitions and happy to announce that it rocked...Bangalore received my products with a real cosy and warm heart can view the photographs of the exhibition here.

Today am here to share a chipboard mini album which is custom made for a client with the friendship theme

The circle that you see can be used for a photograph...didnt want any title on the cover page just a photograph of the two friends...

Space for a short message..

This album actually had my brains racking for I wanted hidden tags but with a twist so I stamped small images and popped it up with dimensionals over the photomat so that it could act as a pull out for the hidden tag and also acted as an embellishment !!!

I love that shoe stamp a lot!!

I love the way the tags are color coordinated with the PP

 Am not great with layering but I tried (a better view can be seen below) and I love that doodled flower of them is a pull out for tags see :)

Those cute roses were a RAK from my friend Laura Foster ..have bought a lot of goddies from her through her etsy shop but she seems to have vanished from there and am missing her :(

 I didnt quiet like the title Fishy Tales which the client suggested but my friend Tee said why not change it to Fish Tales ..Client bhi khush and me too khush...basically these tags are for all the gossips every girl has with her bestie or gang of girlfriends....some secret incidents that only they shared!!!

 I love the Tombow markers....thanks Tee for getting them for me :)..they really added the glamour to the fishes!!!

 My attempt at layering...

 Finally all the tags :)

Hope you like the project leave your comments... they help me improve and create better!!!