Thursday, June 11, 2020

A Rainy Day Outing with Craftreat Stencils

Hello Everyone,

Am sure the rains are building up a beautiful atmosphere for either a quick weekend getaway to nature or to stay at home with tea/coffee and some yummy hot junk snacks. For me its a complete getaway mood to the nearest camping site !!! And what better when you have revamped some of your rainy day best friends with the beautiful Craftreat stencils. So without much delay lets have a look at the projects. 

Best Friend 1: Flip Flops

Yes, during this season flip flops is my most comfortable footwear so I decided which design I liked from the stock of stencils Priya had sent me along with the shade of chalk paints from the Home Decor collection that would best go with the flip flop straps. Then, with the help of washi tape I fixed the stencils where I wanted the design and dabbed in with a foam applicator. After the paint was dry I sealed it with a varnish to make it waterproof and there it was ....a completely new looking flip flops in minutes!!!!

Best Friend 2: Umbrella

Again, a quick revamp in an hour with chalk paints and stencils from Craftreat. The design was intricate and dabbing in on a curved surface needed some tact and maneuvering. A final coat of varnish was a must for the longevity and water proofing.

I love the way it turned out...

Look at those pretty prints .....

Best Friend 3: Scarf/Stoles

Every girl has her own style statement and for me scarves or stoles are a style statement on their own and they are never outdated. So with the help of black fabric colour and Craftreat stencil I was able to bring some life to my otherwise simple and very plain scarf. 

Hope you like the projects and get inspired to try the new released stencils for not only revamping accessories like I did but also trying them on your home decor items like trays/coasters or flowering pots etc...the range of options is limitless with these designs.

 Happy Crafting and a Beautiful Weekend to all of you. Am off to my camping site to not only enjoy but also to show off my revamped accessories.....


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