Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Vinatge Photo Frame with Craftreat Stencils

Hi Everyone,

Today I have a Vintage Photo Frame to share. The MDF Photo Frame base is from Craftreat along with the other supplies used for this project. This project only uses Chalk paints,waxes and stencils- less supplies but a great outcome and super quick to make. 

First, I have chosen my two shades of colours from the Folkart Chalk Paints which I wanted to use -Vintage Mustard and Spanish Moss. The choice was made keeping in mind that one colour was going to show 'through' the other. The first and second layer of colour choice, as to which one should be first and which should be second was made accordingly. 

I first painted the MDF base with Vintage Mustard and allowed just an hour of drying. Once dry, a smooth coat of Spanish Moss was applied over the first colour. I gave it an hour of drying. I have then used the 'Wet Distressing Technique'.

Wet Distressing Technique- After my two layers of different colour chalk paints dried out. I have used a sea sponge, dipped it in water and squeezed it to remove all excess water and then started to gently rub on the top colour chalk paint. As you rub, you will be revealing the first layer of chalk paint you applied in some areas. Depending on your choice as to how much distressed look you want, continue dipping the sponge in water and removing excess water off it and then rubbing the top layer of chalk paint.  

See the above and below pictures to understand how the vintage mustard (my first colour painted on the MDF base) is revealed 'through' the spanish moss layer (my second or top layer colour  painted)

Once happy with my distressing, I have then taken Folkart Imperial Chalk Paint and used a Craftreat Stencil to trace the design on one side of the frame. I also did some dry brush technique with the Imperial Chalk paint all over the frame.

Once dry, I have applied a single layer of Folkart clear wax with a cheese cloth and allowed 30-45 mins of drying time. Post that I buffed it with a clean cheese cloth. I allowed another hour of drying, after which I applied Folkart Antique wax. 

TIP: Remember, with antique wax less is more. Start with a small portion and see how much antiqued look you want. You can always add more but removing the excess could be a problem. 

DO NOT skip the clear wax step. That is the only thing that will give you the flexibility of controlling the antique wax. If you apply antique wax directly over your painted and stencilled area and if by mistake you take excess antique wax or while rubbing it you get delayed by a few seconds, you will leave a blotch of antique wax. The layer of clear wax allows smooth spreading/blending of antique wax and protects your projects from creating dark ugly blotches. 

Hope you like the project. Do share with us your creations with Craftreat Products. 

Happy Crafting 

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