Friday, June 5, 2020

Family Birthday Calendar with Craftreat Stencils

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With technology overruling our lives, we use our phones and other devices to not only keep track of time but birthdays, events, travel plans etc. Every wondered about those gold old days of huge wall clocks and wall calendars? Well, I feel they are useful in a lot of ways, specially if it involves the entire family to participate. 

Hence, today I have a very quick and easy project to showcase which can be done with kids (with some supervision) and will help kids to be a part of a family activity like 'birthdays'. Yes, I love the idea that the kids should not only be aware of the immediate family birthdays but the extended family of uncles, aunts and cousins should also be included in this circle of happiness. So, I have a Family Birthday Calendar for your walls/kids room or any place that you think it to be fit.

I have used a 6*12 (inches)wooden plank and painted two coats of Folkart Chalk Paint- Glacier all over it. Then taking Craftreat Stencil, I have traced out the design of the butterflies with Folkart Chalk Paint- White Adirondack. Then I have taken another Craftreat Stencil, and traced the word Family with Folkart Chalk Paint- Spanish Moss. The Birthday sentiment is die cut in white cardstock and stuck at a befitting place. I have then applied two generous coats of varnish all over and allowed it to dry. 

Once dry, I have then pierced two holes on the wooden plank with the help of a drilling machine and attached two door/drawer knobs to it. 

I then cut 24 pieces of white cardstock of size 4*2 (inches). Out of the 24 cards, I used 12 to stamp the respective months of the year and punched a hole on the top centre and attached a ribbon to hold them together. The rest 12 cards were used to remember the birthdays of all my family members according to months and jot them down (these cards also got a hole punched on the top centre and attached with a ribbon to hold them together). Then the two sets of cards with hung on the knobs.

One can add more blank cards in case the number of birthdays dont fit in just 12 cards. And the best part is, this can be used over and over every year as there is no specific year mentioned on it.

Hope you enjoyed the project and do share with us your projects with Craftreat products.

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