Monday, June 1, 2020

Canvas Wall Clock with Craftreat Stencils

Hello Everyone!!!

Soon it shall be the end of a year and a beginning of a new one with new aspirations, new goals and new time goes by, I decided to make something to keep track of it. Yes, so today I am using the Craftreat stencils to make a Canvas Wall Clock for my home. It not only adds to my home decor but has a lot of functionality on a daily basis.

Just to add a little interest, I have taken a triangular mounted canvass and using 5 shades of blue from sky to teal to dark prussian, I have colour blended the canvas.

On some areas I have distressed it with a shade of purple and very little black.

I then took the Craftreat Owl Stencil (one of my favourite designs) and with the help of a brush I have painted the design with white acrylic paint.

I have also used white acrylic paint to stencil the numbers 12 and 6 on the top and bottom of the canvas.

I got the clock mechanism but did not like the black colour for the hour and minutes hand, so I have coloured them with yellow acrylic paints.

Once happy with all the colour combos, I applied two generous coats of varnish giving 3-4 hours of drying time between each coat.

I have then pierced the canvas where I thought I wanted to attach the clock hands and got the mechanism working with the help of batteries.

I hope you like the project and are inspired to work with the Craftreat Stencils which are versatile in designs and easy to use.

Happy Crafting

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